Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IFB Project #16: Morning Makeup Routine

Hey everyone, I know I haven't really updated my blog in quite sometime. Just finally got free : ( Its been hectic.. Anyways I decided to go for the IFB Project #16 which is my daily make up routine! I'd love to share it :)
So for foundation I used to use MAC - Studio fix but these days I use L'Oreal True Match foundation! which is amazing and has great coverage! Most of my friend's use it as well! After working on my foundation I dab on some Mac powder :) so the foundation stays on place! Plus the foundation isn't that heavy so its fine : )
After working on my foundation, I have this gorgeous coffee colored eyeshadow from Revlon : ) They are amazing for an everyday look and last long so its fine.  Sometimes I get in a mood for light pink tint and this gorgeous eyeshadow I bought from L'Oreal I think they've discontinued it here but it WOW. Its a bit sparkly but I love it! As long as you apply the right amount and don't over do it , it'll be just fine. Make sure to use a blending brush! Remember LESS IS MORE! 

 After I'm done with the shadow I work my way through a nice winged liner on my top eye lid. Dont really like adding much on the bottom. I'd suggest to use an angled brush if you're a starter and don't really know how to work your way through with a gel liner. After working on this I got my FAVORITE MASCARA! ITS PRACTICALLY THE BEST ONE I'VE USED SO FAR! Its been awarded as the best mascara through Vogue Beauty awards. Its called Voluminous Million Lashes by L'Oreal.
After working your way through the eyelashes I apply this all mineral blush by body shop.
And top it off by a nude lipstick by Maybelline, this vibrant red shade from L'Oreal called Sensual Grenade. Or sometimes I just got for a this lipgloss from Body Shop called Cherry Glimmer. Do check it out! Anyways I hope you all enjoy this post! 
(PS . yes I know I used way too many L'Oreal products but I love em')

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