Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Grammys, Opinions anyone?

The most exciting part about the Grammys, WHAT THEY ALL WORE? I love to watch all the red carpet trends. This year I had quite a few opinions of what they all wore, some were hideous while others were stunning! I decided to be less diplomatic this time! So here's my take: 

The one who stunned me - Rihanna in an Alaia which is "like a totally important designer" (CLUELESS) 

I love Taylor in this classic white J-Mendel.

Alicia Keys - Love the silhouette, hate the fabric choice.

Alexa Chung - She looks like she's going to a garden party, NOT a good option for the Grammys.

Allison Williams looks stunning in a Kaufmanfranco.

Looks like Adele's heading to meet her Granny and ended up at the Grammys instead. 
CHIC! Beyonce in Osman.

Why are you doing this to yourself Florence, you look like a lizard. 

Many loved this, I hated it. It looks like she wrapped silk jersey around a black swimsuit. I do like her shoes here though.

As Zac Posen said, SEX sells BUT COLOR goes first and I'm not feeling this color.

Beautiful dress unfortunately not very flattering on Kelly

What do you guys think of their outfit choices this year? Agree or Disagree? Leave a comment below 

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