Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trend: Global Holiday!

GLOBAL loving beyond NewYork. 
I think everyone would be off on their holiday within the next few weeks! The whole "global" idea has definitely influenced our designers and personal style! When styling out for that holiday look - I don't mean London, Paris, NewYork... Think beyond that! Your exotic locations like Africa, India, Bali, Brazil, etc. 
When you think of Africa, think of the big bold triangular prints and vibrant colors or say India, think their classic print - the paisley! Exotic prints, think big and bold. If you actually like this look but aren't so big on the vibrant hues, tone it down a few notches pairing it with a more subtle choice. I've also posted a few selected pieces below and a few images off tumblr for inspiration.

1. Orange woven printed shorts - Giambattista Valli
2. Loafers - Cobra Society
3. Paisley Wedges - ETRO
4. Brown woven shoulder bag - Chloe
5. Printed Swimsuit - ETRO
6. Scarf paneled top - Elizabeth and James
7. Graphic paisley printed dress - Topshop  

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