Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Velvoir launch at S*uce

Tiaras, Britain love, lemonades.. Everything english and fabulous! Celebrating with the theme of Queen's diamond jubilee - Velsvoir had launched their collection of women's bowties at S*uce! and OH-boy it was one fantastic evening! For some of you who don't know what's Velsvoir, it is a bowtie brand created by 3 brothers and originated from England and have just launched their collection at Dubai. Here are some of my clicks:

(Image: Sauceloves) 
Velsvoir brothers! 
 Designer : Zayan Ghandour and my friend Shivani
PR maven - Mayyas Al Emam and the lovely designer - Nona Hekmat 


Blogger - Louisa Northcote of vitangerunways

(Image: Sauceloves) 
Mr. ShefCodes  
Simone Heng's art!
Keep watching, I'll be adding bowtie pictures soon!

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